nisreen abudail
nermeen abudail


nisreen abudail
nermeen abudail

Through creative traditional pieces, delicate hand finish and fine machine productions, nisreen abudail and nermeen abudail founded naqsh collective in 2010 in Amman, Jordan. Where they started to exhibit unique pieces of art and design. Reflecting the oriental feel and integrating the beauty of their Arabic rich culture: art, architecture and heritage in a minimal modern look where it can fit perfectly in our life today, so we can enjoy it again through its shapes, meanings and compositions.

At naqsh collective the two sisters are inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, combined together with a high quality of local neat craftsmanship.


nisreen abu dail

An architect inspired by the minimalist style of our contemporary life. She began her career in Jordan. Architecture as a discipline allowed her to observe and practice art and design. As an aspiring designer, she started creating personalized jewelry, home accessories and furniture. Soon she began to exhibit her work in local art venues. Following her move to the USA she continued to develop her career as an architect and an artist where she exhibited her art work in several local and national art shows.

nermeen abu dail

Began her career in Jordan after graduating with a BA degree in graphics working for prominent local and international agencies. Now living in Dubai, working primarily within the branding industry creating identities and transcending brands. nermeen's artistic talent and passion for creative expression allowed her to create work under naqsh collective brand that embodies local culture yet has international appeal. She added to the fashion element of naqsh collective portfolio and have already seen the successful introduction of fall 2004.



  • Design Language, Milan 2017, Milan Design Week 2017, Milan, Italy. click here 
  • Design Days Dubai 2017 Dubai, UAE. click here
  • Islamic Arts Festival - 19th edition "Bunyan" at Sharjah Art Museum in Sharjah, UAE. click here 
  • Sadu Journey solo exhibition 2016 at The Gate Mall, Qatar. click here
  • Art Riyadh 2016 at Saudi Design Week, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. click here under Naila Art Gallery click here
  • The Hanger Exhibition 2016 at Amman Design Week, Amman Jordan click here
  • At the Seams 2016 Palestinian Museum Exhibition, Beirut, here
  • Design Days Dubai 2016 Dubai, UAE. click here 
  • Wihdeh solo exhibition 2015 at Khalil Sakakini Culture Center, Ramallah, here
  • Wihdeh solo exhibition 2015 at Al Ma'amal Foundation, Old Jerusalem, here
  • Design Days Dubai 2015 Dubai, UAE. click here 
  • Design Days Dubai  2014 Dubai, UAE. click here
  • Naqsh In Tiraz solo exhibition 2013 at Tiraz "Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress", Amman, Jordan. click here






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nisreen abu-dail
Amman - Jordan

nermeen abu-dail
Dubai - UAE